Nick has been practising all facets of hairdressing for 15 years. This passion evolved from his appreciation of old cinema and wanting to recreate beauty within men and women. After learning about all walks of life he realised that not everyone needs to look beautiful.  Some are happy to settle for ease; others’ enjoy learning more about themselves and seek the advice and flare from a professional to enhance their natural aesthetics, with some funk and a bit of style.


Nicholas commenced his career at an acclaimed salon in Willetton, Western Australia.  In a well- established business with an excellent reputation he was able to successfully complete his apprenticeship with competence in all contemporary techniques. Taking on a management role along with a fast growing clientele base from all over Western Australia, Nick’s passion grew faster and stronger, yearning to learn the latest trends and the oldest forms of hairdressing, with mentors in the industry for over 50 years.


Having inspiration and the confidence to succeed along with a quest to learn, Nicholas found that hairdressing wasn’t just a job it was an art; and on so many levels.  Nicholas took it upon himself to learn, practice and deliver the things that did not interest most.  Still learning every day as any professional should, the simplest of styling is done with ease and love, both of which cannot be taught.


Nicholas has worked on and off stage on numerous hair shows, helping to create future hairdressing inspiration in Perth. Nick has been privileged to work alongside highly regarded stylists on an international level which has shaped the person he is today, a man who places energy, love and passion into his work.


Nicholas was keen to take everything in as a young hairdresser. Not succeeding in one aspect but all. Nicholas would take in any inspiration he could; keeping up with the latest fashion and trends and delivering those to the mothers and daughters, fashionistas, hipsters, tradies or lil ol’ ladies. Having inspiration was not a hard thing for Nicholas with a creative mind ticking on overdrive all the time, there isn’t anything Nicholas couldn’t achieve to create the perfect, cut, colour or style for any individual.


“Being away from hair every day, I felt part of myself was lost. Listening to every individuals need and delivering is something I am inspired by in life. I’m looking forward to opening Head Quarters Hair Studio and The Beauty Room. With a new outlook on the industry, a wealth of knowledge and inspiration from along my travels, I’m keen to go above and beyond the realms of cutting hair, but to take on everyone as the individual they are and manifest something beautiful to leave each of my clients feeling the way they should. Beautiful!”


Nicholas Abrusci